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To Travel Like an Architect™ you will need to pack like one too!  Our Packing list is an Essential Part of your Vacation Blueprint!  Your trip will be more enjoyable if you have everything you need!  Pack for the ultimate in Comfort – even while you are away from home.

Buy it once, own it FOREVER!

We use it ourselves – EVERY time we go!  This document is Available for IMMEDIATE download!


Wondering What to Pack for a Cruise? Get our Architect’s Packing List! – An Essential Part of your next Vacation Blueprint!

Itemized Packing for the ultimate in Comfort! Finally Complete and available for IMMEDIATE Download!

What to Pack for a Cruise

An Essential part of your Vacation Blueprint – Think of Everything – Forget Nothing!

Stop wondering what to pack for a cruise and Buy it ONCE!

Because it is a digital download and once you buy it YOU own it FOREVER!

Download it again and again and again……

Once you own it you can Get Packing, and Never Forget ANYTHING Again!

It’s value keeps growing as we add content after each trip!  Send us feedback and we may even add your ideas!

We have been traveling for over 20 years – In this affordable document we share our Expert Travel Advice with you – Learn our Tips and Tricks but more importantly learn from our mistakes!  We have been there – and done that – and maybe we wish we had done it a little differently!  Now you can plan your voyage with more awareness than ever before!

It is high time we shared our Expert Travel Advice regarding everything that we had to learn the hard way 🙂 We know from experience everything you need to bring to be as comfortable as you are at home!  This document is full of clever, things to bring that you may not think of !!  If you are a first time cruiser it is a MUST!  I mean forgetting something important can really spoil your vacation……

But – it really gets better!

On the list there are things that we bring that will truly enhance your experience in a deep emotional way….  I wish I could tell you but that would spoil the surprise!

Take advantage of our expertise as Architects and learn how to protect your home while you are away…  Get our “Home Safety While on Vacation” document here!

Take advantage of our deep travel experience and learn TIPS and TRICKS that will make your trip more FUN and ROMANTIC!

We are pricing it as low as we can to make sure that you don’t hesitate to take advantage of it….  We really want to share our knowledge but just need to cover the cost of producing the document and keeping it up to date!  Buy it Once – Own it for LIFE!  Download it Every time you travel – we will continue to enhance it with new info as we learn along the way!  Why not learn from someone who may already have made the mistake….  Save yourself the agony  – Travel Like an Architect™ – Think of EVERYTHING!  Forget NOTHING!

We are so sure you are going to LOVE it that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee!

If you are not satisfied for ANY reason just shoot us an email and ask for a FULL REFUND!


This Architect’s Packing List is so complete that it even has embedded hot links to places where you can get the exact things WE buy and LOVE!  Just click on the links – easy peezy! Shop to your heart’s content – you can even call me if you have a question!

I do all of our packing, my name is Lynn and I Travel WITH an Architect – 815-516-0300!

Just to make sure you know how much value you will get we will throw in a couple of Bonus’

Your BONUS’ Offers Are:

  1.  A No Expiration Sea Coupon – Good for On-board Spending Money on any Cruise Travel Booking made through US!

    The coupon is pretty self-explanatory, but if you are new to this you need to know that you will have to choose your stateroom type before finding out how much On-board Spending money you will get deposited into your Cruise Line Account!  We really don’t want you to have ANY reason not to book with us!  We will even give you the offer if you transfer an existing booking to us before your final payment date.  Send us an email to learn more about how it’s done and to schedule the time for your conference call.  We can only do this if you booked DIRECT with the cruise line – NO OTHER TRAVEL AGENT BOOKINGS QUALIFY!2017 Travel Calendar Bonus Offer

  2. FREE Travel Consultation Value $24.99 – Rebated to you in the form of EXTRA On-board Spending MONEY in your Ship Spending Account once you book online at our website and sail away on the ship!  

    This voucher is very important because it will pay you back for the $24.99 “Booking Fee” that is charged on our website when you book.  Download the voucher NOW and save it in a safe place!  Once you booked your cruise online, today, or at a later date (it never expires) send us your voucher attached to an email to After you make your final payment AND about 30 days before you sail away we will deposit $24.99 into your Cruise Line Account!
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