2017 Architecture Travel Calendar Printed on Paper

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Printed on Paper Calendar – $2.99 – PRICE REDUCED TO POSTAGE & HANDLING ONLY $1.99

Only Available HERE! This Calendar, an annual tradition of Belles Firm of Architecture is now available for purchase!  Ready to ship!  Order your’s TODAY, or Download below!

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2017 Architecture Travel Calendar

FREE for Existing Customers – Almost FREE for anyone else!

2017 Architecture Travel Calendar

If you have purchased Travel or Architecture of any kind from Lynn & Rob Belles Cruises Inc. You are an Existing Customer and qualify for a FREE Travel Calendar.

Existing Customer Calendars will arrive in the mail shortly!  If you want the bonus offers order here also, because that is the only way for you to get them – Please use the Coupon Code “EXIST” at checkout for a $2.99 Discount which will make your 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar (and the Bonus offers) FREE!  We know who you are 🙂 I mean of course we know our customers, right?  If you are an existing customer please make sure you use the same email address that we use to communicate with you about your bookings, or architectural plans, otherwise the system will not process your order.  Once you place your order you will receive BOTH bonus offers in your email!  You must order the paid version of the Calendar to get the two bonus offers!

If you have not yet purchased TRAVEL or ARCHITECTURE Services from Lynn & Rob Belles – you are not an Existing Customer but can purchase a 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar at our COST!

ONLY $2.99 (Calendar Printing $1.03 + Envelope $.34 + Postage & Handling $1.62 = $2.99)

Limit one per email address!  Sorry we can ONLY mail to the United States!

All 2017 Architecture Travel Calendars – Include a monthly Promo + 2 COUPON CODE offers!

But wait!  When you order your’s online you get 2 more BONUSES – totally FREE!

keep reading….

2017 Calendar

The 2 BONUS OFFERS in addition to the Coupon Codes are

Instantly available by download

You don’t have to wait until your 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar ships!

Anyone can get a free download of the pdf,

but first let me show you an example of one of the

2017 Architecture Travel Calendar page spreads

and tell you about the info that you will find!

2017 Calendar

Each page of the 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar has a sketch of a notable Cruise and Architecture destination that you can visit sailing with Carnival, Celebrity or both! 

Each image contains logos of either Carnival Cruise Line or Celebrity Cruises, indicating whether you can cruise with either or both to the destination shown. In the border, off to the right you will find the name of the specific building and location.  Under each image there is a “Google shortened link” that you can click on in the digital version or type into your browser – to learn more about specific cruises that visit this destination at our booking website.  Our website includes various options to visit the destination along with detailed itineraries and pricing!

People LOVE our dual month calendar design where you can see two months at a time.  Each month of our 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar has major U.S. holidays, and the date of the full moon because Lynn is fascinated by it!  Don’t forget to look for the moon no matter where you are in the world, whether it is full or not!

It is a beautiful reminder that we all share the same earth and sky….

Most month’s of the 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar will also have a Promotional offer that you can use if you book or cruise with us, during the stated time period. Study the Calendar cover or just get the FREE download to read about them!

Example: Book the first week of January for a Complimentary Bottle of Champagne in your Stateroom!

Be sure to read the paragraph embedded in each 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar written by Architect Rob about the destination for more historic or trivial details about the sketch image!

Here it is in “Flip-Book” version – take a quick look!

[photo-book-gallery id=”6035″]

If you already know that you want to purchase one at the “cost pricing” of just $2.99, go back up and Click on the “Add to Cart” button!

We guarantee that you will receive a 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar, and if your calendar arrives damaged by shipping we will readily ship you another, at no additional cost!

With your Calendar Purchase – You will automatically get the 2 bonus offers listed below!

Just let me tell you about the Coupon Codes that are on the Cover of the 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar first!

Coupon Code 1 – 50OFF

50% off Travel Like an Architect Packing List

Have you ever wondered what to pack for a Cruise?  Worried that you might forget something?  Let us do the thinking for you!

Since we are Architects we overthink everything anyway……  YOU might as well benefit from that!

Each 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar comes with our Cruise Travel Packing list discount offer!

Get 50% OFF – Our Cruise Travel Packing list – Purchase this document and it is Instantly YOUR’s

“Packed” with 20+ years of experience forgetting things!

Haha – Yes, pun intended!  You name it and we forgot it, but only once and it’s really been a LONG time since that happened!  This is so complete and has so much value that we know you are going to be glad you have it next time you are packing for a cruise.  I couldn’t live without it!  Yes, I actually use it myself.  I mean, free packing lists are a dime a dozen and that is exactly what they are worth!!  Our’s is professionally done, complete with hot links and you can download it over and over again EVERY time you Cruise!  We actually put a lot of thought into it, in addition to the clever design.  When you Travel Like an Architect™ you will want to bring what you need to be comfortable.  Rely on us to keep it updated, because once you purchase it you own it for LIFE!

$9.99 Value!!! 50% OFF with your $2.99 purchase

(the best $4.99 you’ve ever spent!)

Packing List

We are so sure you are going to LOVE it that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee on the 50% that you pay for!

If you are not satisfied for ANY reason just shoot us an email and ask for a FULL REFUND!


This Architect’s Packing List is so complete that it even has embedded hot links to places where you can get the exact things WE buy and LOVE!  Just click on the links – easy peezy! Shop to your heart’s content – you can even call me if you have a question!

I do all of our packing, my name is Lynn and I Travel WITH an Architect – 815-516-0300!

Just click the image to be redirected to the Product Page where you can use your coupon code 50OFF to get your discount!


Coupon Code 2 – 599OFF

100% off Architect Rob’s Home Safety Advice Document

This document is full of all the things we have thought about and done to assure home safety while on vacation, and that we don’t return to a mess or have a big problem!

Focused on home safety while on vacation but also full of things we have learned in 20+ years of International Cruise Travel Vacationing!

Each 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar comes with our Cruise Travel Home Safety Advice Document discount offer!

Get 100% OFF – Our Home Safety While On Vacation Document – Purchase this document and it is Instantly YOUR’s

Learn what an Architect does to keep his home safe and secure while he is gone!

This is Architect’s Expert Advice about keeping your home safe while you are away – but it’s really SO MUCH MORE! I mean right down to every detail just like our set of design drawings.  In fact – it comes with bonus’ too!  All you have to do is buy our Calendar for $2.99 and you will virtually get every EXPERT Travel Document we have compiled to date!

$5.99 Value!!! 100% OFF with your $2.99 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar purchase!

(the best $2.99 you’ve ever spent!)

Expert travel advice - leaving a safe home


Just click the image to be redirected to the Product Page where you can use your coupon code 599OFF to get your discount!

Hey who wouldn’t want FREE advice on how to keep your home safe while you are away on vacation from an Architect?

This document also contains tips for business owners about phone service, staying connected, and even tips about money!



OK – If you’re still not sure if you want to buy one of these calendars for $2.99 I will tell you about the Bonus Offers that you will get immediately upon completing your purchase!  YES – Bonus offers in addition to the Coupon Code offers above!


A No Expiration Sea Coupon – Good for On-board Spending Money on any Cruise Travel Booking made through US!

  •  The coupon is pretty self explanatory – but if you are new to this you need to know that you will have to choose your stateroom type before finding out how much On-board Spending money you will get deposited into your Cruise Line Account!  We really don’t want you to have ANY reason not to book with us!  We will even give you the offer if you transfer an existing booking to us before your final payment date.  Send us an email to learn more about how it’s done and to schedule the time for your conference call.  We can only do this if you booked DIRECT with the cruise line – NO OTHER TRAVEL AGENT BOOKINGS QUALIFY!2017 Travel Calendar Bonus Offer



One FREE Travel Consultation Value $24.99 – Rebated to you in the form of EXTRA On-board Spending MONEY in your Ship Spending Account once you book online at our website and sail away on your journey!

  • This voucher is very important because it will pay you back for the $24.99 “Booking Fee” that is charged on our website when you book.  Download the voucher NOW and save it in a safe place!  Once you book your cruise online, today, or at a later date (it never expires) send us your voucher attached to an email to After you make your final payment AND about 30 days before you sail away we will deposit $24.99 into your Cruise Line Account!

FREE Travel Consultation

 TOTAL VALUE OF BONUS’ $74.99 – $124.99

The first run of Calendars are printed and will be mailed out in weekly batches.  After the first run is gone we will re-print them to satisfy the demand.  This may delay delivery by up to two weeks.  So don’t wait get your order in immediately – so that your’s is sent in the first batch!

Ready to Order?  $2.99 gets you a paper 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar mailed to you in a protective envelope, two discount coupon codes to use on our expert advice documents ($10.99 value), and two Bonus offers valued at $74.99 – $124.99  What do you have to lose? Scroll back up to the top and place the item in your cart!


Having this 2017 Architecture Travel Calendar

around is perfect for anyone trying to push themselves

to book and take a real vacation!

Hang it on your wall where you can see it every day.  Each time you flip to a new month think about how it would feel to visit the destination in the sketch!  A cruise vacation doesn’t have to be a Drunken Beach Party!  It can be very educational, suitable for families and school groups.  You can even go on a cruise and spend some time giving back…..  Travel Agents like us are there to help you choose the perfect experience, and by perfect we mean something that fits your personality AND budget!  Because a vacation that empties your bank account isn’t any fun!  Let us teach you how to do amazing things on a reasonable budget!

Travel Agents are here to help you get the best value but also to make sure you will like what you purchase!

10 Reasons to use a Travel Agent Professional

  • Your travel professional takes care of every aspect of your vacation from start to finish – all you have to do is pack.
  • Working with the world’s largest cruise retailer gets you deals you won’t find anywhere else!
  • If you run in to any issues along the way – don’t panic we are here for you, just Call 815-516-0300
  • The average vacation takes 5 hours to plan – you don’t have that kind of time but we do…..
  • Using a travel professional makes your vacation planning stress free – especially for big groups!
  • Your travel agent knows you, and the Cruise Line, and can recommend the perfect match!
  • Using a travel agent saves you time and money, it doesn’t cost extra.
  • We are more than a random headset – don’t wait on hold for the next available agent.
  • Because we travel all the time and can offer you sound advice.
  • Because YOU are worth it! Don’t settle for less…..

What are you waiting for??  Give us a call today!  

Still not sure?  CLICK HERE to be redirected to the

FREE Download Page!

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