1. Hi from the Land of Enchantment!
    Love your article and videos, and the tip on vacuum sealing the bag with NM Chiles!
    Let me help clarify chile lingo for you. I’ve lived in NM most of my life and have been a chile loving gringo for most my adult life.
    First things- Hatch is the name of a town, not a chile varietal. Hatch is large farms so most of their chile gets processed in cans etc to leave the state of NM.
    That said, the chile from Hatch tends to be inconsistent. Hot may be mild, and vice versa. And the flavor is meh. Never the same year in or out. I stopped buying Chile from Hatch 30 years ago for this reason. I like it to be what is says it is supposed to be with great flavor.
    Most peeps from out of state also think that all NM chile is Hatch because they have large farms that produce enough to sell at chile stands in other states, such as Texas, Cali, Colorado, and Seattle.
    What I recommend is trying your chile from small NM farms that ship. Smaller farms have better QC and therefore better consistent product.
    These farms produce consistent true to form green and yes, roasted fresh red chile every time.
    Sichler Farms in Los Lunas, Wagner Farms in Corrales, Rosales Farms in Lemitar.
    These are the best. You can online order from Sichler or Wagners from their websites, and I definitely recommend calling to see what is in when you order. Rosales is a phone call only,no website.
    Varieties are mild ( Joe Parker or nm 6-4), medium (Big Jim), hot (Sandia), x hot( Barker), and XX Hot (Lumbre). Mild does have some heat, these are chiles after all and not bell peppers.
    Hope this helps and thanks for supporting our state with your purchase and spreading the good news about NM Chile!

    • Hey THANKS for all of the clarification! There is also some amount of inconsistency caused by the weather like with any crop. We receive our Chiles as a gift from Rob’s sister in Santa Fe! We are GRATEFUL – Big Jim is our favorite! I remember my first visit to your state to visit Rob’s family… We stopped for a famous Green Chile Burger, and I asked Rob “Why don’t we make these at home?” It just never occurred to him… lol

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