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Travel Like an Architect™ is PASSIONATE about HELPING connect like-minded cruisers across the globe!

When a business associate asked us to help her put together a cruise that would help Friends of Bill W meet-up;  we said “of course”!  What a naturally perfect endeavor! Of course “Friends of Bill W” want to cruise together!  We want to invite friends of Bill W, who are near and far, and their friends too!

cruise with friends of bill w

Most cruise lines publish a daily meeting place for “FOB”, as a service to members who would like to meet during their cruise.  Each evening a newsletter is delivered to your stateroom.  In it you can find the time and place to meet other friends of Bill W, on the ship, the next day.  If there isn’t one scheduled, Guest Services can help you set one up! Friends of Bill W offers built-in support in a setting that might otherwise be challenging for Cruisers! Who wouldn’t want to connect with others, make new friends for life, while sharing a relaxing like-minded vacation!

We love cruising because it is safe, convenient and affordable for EVERYONE!

Need help putting together your Friends of Bill W Cruise?  We are here for you.  We will provide the creativity, office support, online tools, and cruise line connection, that bridges the gap between you and FOB around the world.

Travel Like an Architect™ offers the following COMPLIMENTARY services:

Create a pdf flyer specific to the ship and sail date that you can use to share your cruise with your local friends – anonymously of course.

Create a webpage that describes your ship and sail date – that you can easily share.  The site is created by a third-party so you remain anonymous.

Monitor a secret Facebook Group where ALL Friends of Bill W around the world can connect.  You have to be invited to even find or see the “Secret” group, to preserve anonymity.  Once in the group, participants can see each other, as though you walked into a meeting room.  You must be invited to join.  We need your Facebook registered email address to invite you.  In the group you will see all cruises that we are arranging for other “Friends of Bill W” as Events.  There will be exclusive discounts, additional promotions, and a wealth of questions and ANSWERS about Cruising!  Members can invite other Members.  Friends of FOB are welcome!


How to get INVITED to “Cruising With Friends of Bill W” Secret Facebook Group


 What does Travel Like an Architect™ have to do with this?  Architects are planners…  we understand the big picture.  We have three-dimensional minds that create something from nothing but creative ideas.  We connect people and business’ to their friends and customers with a carefully thought out plan – a blueprint to follow.  That is what we do.  For people building a structure or people who want to Cruise with Friends of Bill W!  We design the plan by which you can connect to one another!  With today’s technology, following our plans, you can get together in a forum, while remaining unseen by the public.  It’s almost pure…. and we all have to bend a little with changing times….

Get INVITED to “Cruising With Friends of Bill W” Secret Facebook Group


Why should we get together? First of all, it might be a little challenging to find people interested in cruising within your local friends.  Once a person takes their first cruise they are hooked but until then they can have a lot of excuses.  While working on your local friends, being patient and sympathetic of their fears and concerns, you can find other FOB who already know how GREAT Cruising is!  Hook up with them – meet on board – make new acquaintances with FOB all over the world!  Share in the wealth of new friendships, new support, and the BEST GROUP CRUISE OFFERS AVAILABLE!

Don’t wait another moment – get INVITED to “Cruising With Friends of Bill W” Secret Facebook Group NOW!


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FUTURE GROUPS Cruising with Bill W:

7 Night Eastern Caribbean

Norwegian Epic – Rount Trip Port Canaveral FL – February 23, 2019 to March 2, 2019

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