• I will answer your question “YES” because we did and we were fine, but that doesn’t mean it would always be fine….. I can remember two specific places where we had a drink with ice – Factoria Plaza Vieja and also La Bodeguita Del Medio, both in Havana! I also will share with you that we enjoyed some of those corn pancakes with Nutella between that we bought from a street vendor in Santiago de Cuba, and ALL the lunches that were included in the fathom cruise fare! It is always safe to drink bottled beer, so we did that too. As a tip – I always carry activated charcoal capsules with me and if I eat something that I consider to be questionable I take a couple right away… ( this one here http://goo.gl/JF2BBS ) I figure it is CHEAP insurance during my precious vacation! Honestly – I did not use any in Cuba and everything we ate was totally FINE!

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