It’s Going to be an EPIC Cruise!

Epic cruise

It’s going to be an EPIC Cruise!

7 Night Eastern Caribbean from Port Canaveral – February 23, 2019 to March 2, 2019

You are invited to join. It will begin, for most with a flight to Orlando Florida, then a shuttle ride to the coast where you will embark on the beautiful Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship! Meet on the ship with “Friends of Bill W” from near and far for this EPIC Cruise. You are INVITED.  This Friends of Bill W group cruise effort is originating anonymously in Northern Illinois. Cruisers from anywhere are welcome! To connect and learn more CLICK HERE.

If you know someone who is a friend of Bill W, make sure to share this with them!  Friends and Family of FOB are welcome!

A daily meeting place for Friends of Bill will be published in the nightly schedule for the next day.


Choosing a Cabin:

Cabin Categories offered in this group have been selected for you based on price, or their location on the ship. The category pricing is the same that you can get on the street, but the amenities are where the added value is.

If you don’t care where your room is, and if you won’t use or purchase anything offered as an amenity, a Guarantee Category, Sailaway Rate will be the best value for you.

The cheapest rooms are always in the least desirable locations, or you are at risk for the location, meaning they get to assign it at embarkation.

The rooms selected for you in this group are not the cheapest rooms.  They are good rooms at good prices with GREAT amenities!

Keep in mind, ANY cabin category except “Guarantee Categories – Sailaway Rates” can be  booked and then moved into the group to gain the group amenities.  So if the exact thing you want is not offered here – just let us know and we will get it for you.

Forward Staterooms may experience motion or noise from the anchor.

Mid ship Staterooms are the most desirable location.  There is the least motion, noise, and you are centrally located to anywhere you might want to go.  Yeah – the ship is BIG!

Aft Staterooms might hear engine noise or feel it’s vibration.

The most desirable staterooms also have other rooms above and below them.  That way you won’t hear public areas and activities that may be going on there.  Cruise ships are very active, even during the night because lots of cleaning and maintenance work goes on then.

The cheapest stateroom options available are not offered with Group amenities, but can be booked if that is your preference. These categories called “Guarantee”, or “Sailaway”, contain an “X” in the category code.

Detailed Stateroom explanations below.

Stateroom Categories Offered in the Group


  • Interior Category ID – Least expensive category sold that qualifies for “choose 2” amenities below.  Double Capacity only.  Pricing based on double occupancy.  The “ID” Category Staterooms are now being sold as Guarantee Category Staterooms, so you will not get to select your room.  But these Guarantees DO qualify for Group Amenities!  $699.00 ($799 on the street)
  • Interior Category IB – Upgraded location from the ID Category.  Qualifies for “choose 2” amenities below.  Double Capacity only.  Pricing based on double occupancy.  All “ID” Category Staterooms are located mid-ship on decks 10 & 11.  Most have staterooms above and below them. $729.00 ($929 on the street)
  • Balcony Category BB – Balconies in the best ship location.  Qualifies for “choose 2” amenities below.  Triple or Double Capacity.  Pricing based on double occupancy.  All “BB” Category Staterooms are located Mid ship on Decks 9 & 10.  All have staterooms above and below them.  $1,169.00

Add $133.87 per person for taxes fees and port expenses for this voyage for the total fare per guest.

Any other Categories can be booked outside the group and moved into the group to get Group Amenities!

Booking / Deposit:

To book into our group you have to contact us.  You can do so through our Facebook Profiles using Messenger – Lynn or Rob, Call 815-516-0300, Email –, Text 815-516-0300

Any Category requires a $50 per person deposit to book.  ($25 Deposits through 8/14/18)

Deposit is refundable prior to final payment date 10/26/18


In addition to great pricing, you will receive onboard credit PLUS choose TWO of the following amenities.  Use caution when selecting your amenity because both guests in a stateroom must select the same amenity.  If someone traveling with a friend of Bill W, wants a Beverage Package.  Maybe we can find them an alternate cabin to make it work with another traveling companion who does too. Lets work together on that – call 815-516-0300

ps: the best value ones are in bold

  • Ultimate Beverage Package* – 1st and 2nd guests only  HIGHEST VALUE
  • Prepaid Service Charges – 1st and 2nd guests only $97.93 per person, 7 Night Cruise (195.86 VALUE)
  • Commitment Ceremony – click here to learn more
  • Internet Package – 250 Minutes per cabin – $105.00 – $125.00 VALUE one device at a time
  • $50 Per Port Shorex Credit – per cabin – 3 Port Cruise $150.00 Value
  • Dining Package – 1st and 2nd guests only – 3 Meals – Any Restaurant $189.60 VALUE
  • Cocktail Party – per cabin – this is an event combined with other guests.
  • 20 Photo Package – per cabin – $199.00
  • $75 OBC – per cabin
  • Fundraiser $75 – per cabin

Amenities are NOT combinable with “Guarantee Category” staterooms.  IX, OX, BX or SX

Group amenities include the service fee associated with the amenity.  You will NOT have to pay tips on your Beverage or Dining Packages when booked in our Group!

Anyone currently booked can be moved into the group if their cabin category does not contain an “X”

In doing so you will trade your current amenities for 2 of these group amenities.

Anyone currently booked can upgrade as well.

Anyone booked direct with Norwegian can transfer their booking to us for access to the group.

Every booking gets $25 Onboard Spending as a rebate of the mandatory agency booking fee of $24.99


Check out the EPIC Cruise itinerary!

Epic cruise

epic cruise

Your Package Includes:
Your package includes shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation, entertainment and daily activities, on-board meals and some beverages.

It does NOT include shore excursions, personal expenses, gratuities, or alcoholic beverages! (That’s why a cruise is such a GREAT value.  The drinkers and gamblers subsidise YOUR fare!)

Contact Travel Agents Lynn or Rob Belles for current pricing. Call 815-516-0300 or visit their website CLICK HERE

Lynn and Rob also welcome contact through Facebook Messenger or the Group Page!  Learn how to get invited to the Group Page HERE

This Friends of Bill W group cruise effort is originating anonymously in Northern Illinois. Cruisers from anywhere are welcome. To connect and learn more CLICK HERE

ALL savings achieved as a result of establishment of a group will be shared with the group.

For every 14 guests booked in double occupancy staterooms one is free.  So each time we hit the 14 mark the pricing for each group booking will go down!

You can also book your cruise independently and join us as we “TRUDGE THE ROAD TO HAPPY DESTINY”
~ Anonymous Lover of Cruising who Initiated This Effort ~


Questions?  Ask away….  Use the comments below, call, email, text, facebook messenger…  Anything works!

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