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Married business partners of 20+ years!





In 2014 we decided to make a business out of our deepest passion!  Cruising!!

We wanted to sell something that makes people happy.  We wanted to share what we already knew, that a regular vacation whether with your family or just your soulmate, is just what the doctor ordered!

We are the people at Belles Firm of Architecture – who love to Cruise in the Winter! When it gets COLD here in the Chicagoland area, our Architecture business slows down a bit. In years past, we have traveled ourselves during this time.  Over the years, we have become Cruise Experts!  We have been to so many awesome places that we decided it was time to help others do the same.

Rob discovered cruising years ago – and he likes it because it is a fixed cost vacation!  You pay for everything you truly need before you go.  If you bring any money with you can buy souvenirs or see and do more activities, but you don’t have to!  We want to teach our friends that they can cruise too….  Even though it is a high quality experience – it doesn’t have to be expensive.. Rob always says he can find a great vacation for as little as $50 per person per day!  If you want to get picky about the date that you will go – you may pay $75 – $100 per person per day….  As the years go by your experiences will mature, you will meet new friends on the ship and in far away places…  You will treasure the value of what you did – with your family and then with each other.

We believe that you should travel while you are young – don’t worry about the money – do what you can afford – the experience is far more valuable than the money ever will be!  

Our Mission is to Help people Travel together for the purpose of experiencing the Architecture and Cultures of the world so that we may better understand and appreciate our similarities and differences.  Because we know from experience that there is no substitute for being there.

Mark Twain said is best ~Mark Twain - Samuel Clemmens

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”


We’ve cruised in the Caribbean, the Atlantic & Pacific, the Mediterranean and even the Nile and Amazon Rivers! We have visited most Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Italy, Spain, Portugal to name as many as come to mind –  We even #traveldeep on a Social Impact Cruise to the Dominican Republic and on a “People to People” journey to Cuba!  Join us here to learn what it means to Travel Like an Architect™


As Architects we are problem solvers – we over think everything but you are sure to benefit from our thoughts and creative ideas! Here at our Blog we are talking about all aspects of our travel – our inside secrets and common practices, including everything from packing to where to go and what to do when you get there! We have swum in an underground cave where the first Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed and we have spent 5 days in a row on the ship without sight of land.. We bring back ALL kinds of unique souvenirs – But the most precious thing we have is our memories……….

We are the Gemini Twins!  Not only do we share our home, our job, and our play time, we also share our birthdays!  We are best friends who value our time together the most!  We love wine and tequila, in a healthy sort of way..  We love to dance in a nightclub or sit and enjoy romantic music at the piano bar. We always dress our best – Rob actually owns his own tuxedo and Lynn collects bikinis and dresses…..  When we cruise we can almost forget about everything, just be ourselves – – – we come back new, time and time again…  We want to teach you about this near and dear practice we have – Travel Like an Architect™, what it means, why and how we do it.  How to see the world in a more meaningful way, without breaking the bank!

We travel to get away and to be together, to learn and to teach, to experience and become wise, to turn off the news and ignore the clock, to connect to the world in a peaceful way all while leaving a bit of our wealth with someone else who needs it more than we do.  We know you could do this too or we wouldn’t be promoting it.  Go ahead step out of your comfort zone and dream a little then let us show you just how affordable your dreams really are!

Anyway – being Architects, Travel Agents and Bloggers really gives us a unique perspective on the Travel Industry!  We get it – we understand who would like which experience and why!  Watch for trips we are personally booked on promoted as Travel With an Architect™ (just for the fun of it)!!  We don’t conduct tours, we just like to connect with other fun loving people wherever we go!

When you are ready to start shopping or ready to book a cruise – CLICK the SHOP tab above or call your Vacation Experts at 607-GET-AWAY!

We will help make the perfect match between you, a ship and journey…. EVERY time……

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