1. Wow, those cars look spectacular. I think that traveling to Cuba is the closest you can get to time travel. I would love to go meander the streets of Havana and enjoy the rhythm of life in this country.

  2. Fantastic that individuals are enterprising enough to create a fantastic tourism model at least on an individual basis and those antique cars are amazing to see with all those wonderful colors.

    • The cars have official licenses to be “private taxis” – beginning with “P” apparently issued by the Government – so it would appear that they are licensed to skip work!

  3. To get an answer to this statement “It made me question who was “free-er” those of us who have to stay at work to earn necessities or Cubans who can leave while still getting paid their necessities and being allowed to do and earn more!” you should go and live in Cuba, under the regime, for a year. Then, you will understand what they meant by necessities.

    • Thank you for your comment. Perhaps I would. I did visit there – and am reporting what we were told by actual citizens. I do know that here in the U.S. we pay a large portion out of our earned income for many things that Cubans do not pay for like food, education, housing & medical care. The Cubans we spoke with felt they were more free than we are…… Being the open minded person that I am, I did give it consideration…. When we are educated by a certain culture – the result is “we believe”. I am willing to consider that what I have been taught may be a “belief” as is what they have been taught, note that “belief” is not equal to “truth” in either case.

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