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Azamara Middle East

We are really getting excited about our next adventure as all the pieces fall into place.  Several months ago we began planning for our next BIG cruise “Azamara Middle East 12 Nights in the Holy Land!  The embarkation port is Athens Greece!  We are super excited about meeting our friend Ippokratis Poimenidis who lives in Athens.  Just yesterday he wrote us to say that he and his wife would pick us up at the airport take us sight-seeing and to dinner etc…  We met our friend online.  He is a building designer – we are Architects.  He has done some work with us – and I am sure will do more! We are hoping to learn more about his professional capabilities – but most of all to get to know our new friend / co-worker!

Azamara Middle East

The Parthenon in Athens

We are arriving in Athens two days early – so that we can spend some time there. Ippokratis is helping us choose a hotel in the Plaka District with a nice view of the Acropolis!  When we travel what we enjoy most is personal experiences with local people.  As our world shrinks – our circle of friends grows!  Isn’t that exciting?   We will continue to update this post as our plans evolve – check back soon to learn about an Athens Hotel Choice!

Jerusalem Old City Quarters walking tour: Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock); the Arab Market; Via Dolorosa (Stations of the Cross); church of the Holy Sepulcher (Christ Burial & Resurrection place); Pool of Bethesda; Saint Anne Crusader church; Jewish quarter small four Sephardic synagogues; the  archeological sites like the Cardo; High Priest House below current street level; second Temple southern steps & The Western Wall. We cover the Holy sites by all three Major Religions. Fee $350.00 for your party. Additional pay may apply upon special approval entry to the Dome of the Rock & Al Aqsa mosque.

We are not Religious people.  We have been taught religion but don’t agree with the hatred and fear that is injected into it.  We find it fascinating that this area of the world is the root of almost all religions as we know them today.  We are visual so want to see for ourselves.  We don’t understand why religious people are fighting over the holy sites…  We want to go there, so that we can form our own understanding of the turmoil with open minds and hearts.  Through a better understanding of history we can intuitively guide our futures.  We always enjoy hearing about culture and the economy in foreign countries.  It is best to hear first hand, from regular people, what is happening.  We are really excited about meeting our guide!  I am sure he will offer us a unique perspective – one that we have never been exposed to.   I am busy putting together my wardrobe!  I will need to keep my knees, shoulders and head covered at times.  I am not at all resistant – in fact truly looking forward to a new experience.  I can always dress in my normal attire on the ship.  I don’t want to be a spectacle, or to be disrespectful.  I want to blend in – so that I am not a target for criticism, so I am welcomed in a place that is very different from my norm… Periscope We joined a new social media – Periscope – so you can explore the world through our eyes!  We will broadcast LIVE during our trip!  Download the App to your mobile device, then search for and follow Belles World Travel!

Azamara Middle East


Here is a map of the Itinerary

$6413.03 is the current price for an Inside Cabin Guarantee for two! We paid around $800.00 pp for our Air. We are expecting a bargain on the Athens hotel because of the economic turmoil there.  The current exchange rate from dollars to euros is very favorable! Enjoy a pre-paid shopping spree at sea on this sailing. Receive $500 complimentary onboard spending when you book an oceanview or higher stateroom category. Use it toward a spa treatment, cocktails, shore excursions, or other purchases made on the ship. New reservations only made between 7/6/15 and 7/20/15, not valid for all pricing displaying online. Onboard spending based on double occupancy. Please call for more details. Offer ends 11:59 pm EDT on July 20th! Your package includes shipboard accommodations, port charges, entertainment and activities, enrichment programs, most onboard meals and room service, select standard spirits, international beers and wines, bottled water, specialty coffees and teas, shuttle bus service to/from port communities (where available), housekeeping and dining gratuities, and self-service laundry. It does not include personal expenses, premium beer, wine and spirits, or government fees and taxes.

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